Global Team

Who Are The Global Team? The Global Team are women who are seasoned in leadership representing numerous fields of ministry. They work with Patricia King to give input, wisdom and counsel into the growth of the network and to offer the release of a collective blessing to those who join WIMN.

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Barbara J Yoder

Apostolic Leader

Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center

I apostolically oversee a regional apostolic center, an apostolic network (Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network), author, speaker nationally and internationally. My passion is to see revival break out in the church which will drive an awakening nationally and internationally with the ultimate result being reformation in the 7 mountains of society. I advise a few ministries which are comprised of young revivalists; am a part of Peter Wagner's apostolic network (EVAT), a state apostle working towards Michigan's transformation. Ambassador at large for ICAL.

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